Dr. Axel Fuith, em.

In 1981, at the age of 28, attorney at law Dr. Axel Fuith was one of the youngest attorneys in Austria to be admitted to the Bar and retired as attorney in 2019. Even during his studies, he was involved in academic research at the University of Innsbruck, and was assistant to Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich Nowakowski, the creator of the modern Austrian criminal law, at the Institute for Criminology.

Dr. Axel FuithDr. Fuith is a specialist in real estate law, in particular issues in the field of land acquisition and sale and regional planning. Our law firm develops the individual solution to meet the requirements of his clients in the field of the acquisition of real estate in Austria.

Our clients come from around the world, and we have succeeded in inducing the chairmen of the boards of major European and international companies to move their private residence to Austria. It is in particular thanks to our personal and friendly dealings with our clients that it has been possible to find the optimum response to their wishes and problems.

It is always the individual as a person that is at the heart of Dr. Axel Fuith’s reflections and work.


The Brazilian winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Paolo Coelho set out the following in his Statutes for the New Millennium:

Every one of us is on earth to fulfill his own dream. The enthusiasm with which we take something on shows whether we are living our dream.

In accordance with this principle, we try to apply a maximum of commitment and zeal to our clients’ wishes.