27. July 2019
article Tiroler Tageszeitung: The Vaya Group is expanding to the Tyrol by acquiring ownership of Hotel Astoria in Kühtai. read more

26. July 2019
Dr. Axel Fuith relays expert knowledge pertaining to property purchases in the Tyrol, Austria. read more

26. April 2019
article Tiroler Tageszeitung by Mag. Martin Fuith, LL.M., : “Potential Pitfalls of Bed and Breakfast”. read more

24. September 2018
article Tiroler Tageszeitung: “Investment model”. read more

September 2018
article IMMOWELT: Buying a farm
Living and working in the rural areas. read more

22. June 2018
article F.A.Z.: Lovely view with flaw. read more

10. April 2018
regional planing – develop Tyrol –
All together the regional planing has improved for the better.
However it is not optimal yet.
the article of the law firm in the econova magazine: read more

1. February 2017
6th edition of the tyrolian land transfer act, short comment, with particular focus on the law of the European Union and a special chapter concerning leisure residences – “Buy to let”, publlshed with LINDE Verlag, see link on the homepage!

27. June 2016
Reception of the honorary consul of the Netherlands.  read more

20. April 2016
DRAFT of an amendment of the tyrolian regional planing concept concerning the hospitality industry.  read more

13. September 2015
Report at ORF Tirol today
Procedure on contract violation against Austria because of the violation of the water rights directive.  read more

18. June 2015
Cancellation of the developement plan of the city of Innsbruck by the constitutional court!
AK (Chamber of Labour) Tyrol, represented by Attorney at Law Dr. Axel Fuith: The constitutional court has cancelled set back lines in the supplementary developement plan HU-B1/1 as being unconstitutional.  read more

21. May 2014
Swiss second residence legislation

Swiss second residence legislation- Legal comparison with the limitaions on land transfer in Tyrol (Report of Attorny at law Dr. Axel Fuith). read more

01. January 2013
Land transfer speaker abolished!
By 1. January 2013 crucial changes of the tyrolian land transfer act have taken place. These changes have significant impact on leisure residences and on the green land transfer.

09. December 2011
Auction of an alleged leisure residence unlawful. Constitutional court cancelled the reuqirement of approval of adverse pocession. Amendment of the tyrolian land transfer act took place 2012.

08. February 2007
Cancellation of the duty to self-operate under the land transfer act of Burgenland.   read more