Leisure – Winter sports accidents

Specialization in skiing, snowboarding and avalanche accidents and accidents on glaciers

We have acquired my special skills in this particular field by advising a number of Austria’s largest cable car companies as our clients. At the same time, we also represent the interests of the casualties of these leisure-time accidents. We can thus boast particular skills in this field, being familiar with this issue from the points of view of both the cable car companies and the sportspersons affected.

Winter sports accidentsBeing out in the open several times a week throughout the year, particularly on skis, we know the field in question intimately. Our own perception and experience thus enable us to assess the legal and factual problems that arise in connection with these accidents.

In particular, our experience enables us to critically scrutinise expert opinions on leisure accidents in order to achieve the best possible result for ou client. Damages paid to the client do not undo the injury, but a generous payment is at least a not insubstantial comfort to help the client get over the accident.